Zero Hour Structure

Zero Hour Gaming was looking for a loose setup, no specific game nights, no extensive rules, this made us think about our structure and implement something different..

The Directors are the administrative function for Zero Hour. They are responsible for giving the members the necessary resources in order to complete their duties or have a good time with friends! Any decision is done as a team and changes must have a majority vote from the board. In many cases, we will also seek the guidance and thoughts of our members.

Instead of specific game nights, we have an Operations Team. These are the guys responsible for arranging game nights on a variety of nights throughout the week for different games. Each member of the Operations Team will have responsibility for one or two games and must arrange a minimum of one game night per fortnight for each game (two games mean's one night per week).
Depending on the experience of the Operations Team member, they will have differing titles, this shows commitment to the role and allows us to reward them for their contributions. The titles are as follows:

  • Operations Assistant
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Operations Executive
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Operations Manager

The Board of Directors reserve the right to award these titles as they see fit.

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